To be in sight

I don’t know you, but me, I’m always trying to find my glasses, so I thank Karakaloop to have allowed me to test their models and to sent me 2 pairs of glasses at my sight, one magnifying glass to read and one for the sun. That allow me to let my glasses to read on my bedside table and don’t have to try to find them during the evening to read my favourite novel. 

I chose this blue and scale model from the collections, the enjôleuses,because I found them very original, they are not anti-reflection of course because they are just reading glasses and as I have a big correction that make me have big eyes on the pictures! 

To determinate your correction, you need to do the Test de Presbytiewithout glasses of course! 

The sunlight glasses are always in my bag because I have the chance of living in the South and I like to relax during the lunch and read a book or a magazine in the sun and without glasses, it’s impossible for me. 

I really reviewed my opinion about the magnifying to read which I found very ugly.

Magali Morelle, the stylist of the brand, applies since 15 years now to search colours and shapes in fashion to follow the trend of the moment. 

You will also find on their web site some models anti-blue light, glasses for men and kids!

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