The Fashion and the men

We know, men and shopping have not always been compatible. Today the men take their time to pamper themselves.  The pass step by step from the necessary purchase at the longed-for purchase.Despite everything the men remained careful about their purchases.  They wanted basic, simplicity and comfort. Recently, they went to the barber they take more care about themselves. They let themselves be tempted by some vintage shapes, patterns, and original colours. For example, the shirt with the Hawaiian patterns, the pink polos or shirts, or the canvas pants brightly coloured like red, blue, orange…

 Like I was seeing before, the man has changed his relation to clothes, accessories and shopping. He discovers the “pleasure” purchase and not only the “utility” purchase any more. He still needs to be reassured by the quality of the products his buy. But he also will appreciate the brand history he chooses to wear.It’s the reason for which @Karakaloop, specially created a collection for men with a large choice of magnifying. Vintage shapes, varied colors and patterns for each man can find “his magnifying at his sight”… Our site is clear and simple about its functionality. You can easily find your dioptrie by doing the Test de Presbytie without moving from your home. Which is an important and no negligible time saving for each man. Once this one realized, you just still must choose your reading magnifying in function of your needs.

 The magnifying against blue light to protect your eyes in front of screens.The solar magnifying to read et see from close while protecting your eyes from UV lights.The magnifying with long branches that you can put around the neck, they are comfortable and practical.The color ones to dress a classic outfit… And so many other models to discover !

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