Anti-blue light glasses for children

The anti-blue light glasses are recommended if your children pass over 3 hours per day in front of a screen. The latest studies prove it. They spend more and more times in front of a screen, playing on the computers, tablets and mobiles in all kinds. The children are concerned by this problem. We are living in a digital era where the screens invade our living spaces, and well beyond. A report of Médiametrie stated that in 2016, 45.5 million of French of more than 15 years old were connected at least one time per day on their computers, whether 87% of the population! It’s important to take care of them. 

What is the blue light? 

The blue light is naturally emitted by the sun. It is a part of the light spectrum composed by 7 colours, the ones that we can observe, during the formation of a rainbow. In generally, the light is often beneficial for our health and our mentality but can also be harmful when it is not control. Its powerful waves can reach to our organs and damaged them.  The most known are the UV, invisible for the eye itself, which we know that it is important to protest ourselves from them. The solar cream to put on our skin and the wearing of solar glasses anti UV represent the “shield” to protect ourselves from the harmful effects. It is the same thing for the blue light issued, also by the computer screens, which infiltrate more and more in our daily. It produces a big energy quantity that spreads the most. The naturals filtrates of our eyes don’t allow to enough protect the retina from the aggression clear by the blue light. Its effects can be harmful and contribute at the macular degeneration age-related (MDAR) or again can cause headaches and eye fatigue. 

Adopt the anti-blue light attitude!

For that there are several options to parry the light blue aggression. Decrease the light screens intensity is already a first simple reflex. It is also possible to equip the computer screen with a filter. The most performant way is to wear anti-blue light glasses which filtrate 40% of the harmful rays and give a comfort during the lecture on a screen.  This is why it is recommended to offer at your children glasses “special screen” which rest the view, avoid the tingling and drought ocular. Because these glasses are indispensable, also puts forward the solar glasses for children so that everyone want to wear them every day. 

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